About ‘They Cooked The Books’

About ‘They Cooked The Books’

“They Cooked The Books” is a nonfiction book by Patrick Edwards about the history of common, English language expressions relating to the world of finance and Wall Street fraud.

For example, the idiom “They cooked the books” dates to 1636, when the Earl of Stafford said, “We once knew the truth, but it has been cooked ever since.” The Earl was referring to changing the ingredients of a recipe, not altering a company’s accounting ledger through “creative accounting” for the purpose of misleading investors.

The author, a former pharmaceutical consultant of 30 years, is retired from Pfizer and lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. They Cooked the Books is currently available in a soft-cover on Amazon and CreateSpace, and will soon be available on Kindle, Nook, and ipad.

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